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Coaching Teams

Leadership is a collective endeavor.

Strong teams create strong results, but they need strong support to do so.

I love helping teams learn how to connect, communicate and feel safe together so they can focus, innovate and take creative risks to drive their mission forward. Through our work, they learn how to create alignment and function at a level where their collective impact transcends the sum of their individual contributions. These are the kinds of teams that find deep satisfaction in working together, choose to stay together over time and consistently create outcomes that matter.

I help teams learn how to:

  • Engage in constructive conflict
  • Navigate tough strategic and organizational challenges
  • Become more self-aware and willing to be vulnerable
  • Listen to learn, not to win
  • Embrace differing perspectives
  • Generate fresh ideas when they’re stuck

Each engagement is unique and addresses the specific needs of the leader and group. These often include: building trust, cultivating courageous communication and shifting from working as individuals to working as a collective to advance a shared purpose.

I bring the principles of Nonviolent Communication, the Leadership Circle Profile, neuroscience and somatic practices to help groups shift from a reactive stance to a more open and connected one so they can thrive and tap into their full potential.


  • One-on-one coaching for leaders and team members.
  • As a collaborative thought partner for strategic challenges
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360º Assessments
  • Dynamic work sessions to address crucial topics, reconnect to shared purpose or harness their diverse perspectives on an important challenge
  • Skill and capacity-building workshops
  • Designing and facilitating team offsites and retreats
— adrienne maree brown

“The depth of relationships between individuals in a system determines the strength of that system.”

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