Courage Corps

Leadership Team Retreats

Every leadership team needs regular time away together.

The press and pace of work today is unsustainable, burning everyone out. In running their organizations, leaders often have to sacrifice time spent working intentionally as a team. As a result, relationships, creativity and innovation all suffer – at the real expense of the business and each leader’s wellbeing.

I design retreats that help your team tap into its collective potential to drive their work forward in an inspired, connected and energized way. I’ll help you all reconnect to your shared purpose and focus on what’s holding you back – sometimes this is a crucial strategic conversation, sometimes it’s an issue around conflict that needs to be addressed and resolved, sometimes it’s a hard truth that needs to be named before work can move forward. Always, it means slowing down, listening differently and being willing to be changed by one another. I create safe spaces for these conversations so you can drop in to a new, deeply productive level of connection and alignment and create from there.

Please reach out to discuss how this kind of time away can re-energize and refocus your team.

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