Courage Corps


“Change is hard. Change agents need partners willing to engage fully in what they are trying to achieve. They need partners who will help make their vision a reality by focusing their hearts and minds and courage on the goals at hand. They need partners who can help them bridge the gaps between where they are and where they need to be. In my work at Breast Cancer Action, whenever I needed such a partner, I found her in Diane Tompkins.

Barbara Brenner

Activist, Author, former ED of Breast Cancer Action

“While navigating conflict is one of the essential responsibilities of leadership, being immersed in conflict with a most trusted colleague is unsettling to the point of being disorienting. Feeling lost and hurt is where, and how, I found myself when I began working with Diane. She has supported me in recognizing that my life’s work is as much about my life as it is about my work. This newfound clarity has given me the courage to make difficult and important choices to chart a course for the future of my business.

Elizabeth Talerman

CEO The Nucleus Group

“Working with Di has helped me feel more confident in embracing who I am and leading with the most authentic version of myself. She coaches me to hear my deepest voice and to trust in that, an invaluable skill in a world that constantly tells me otherwise. I’m deeply grateful for the doors she has opened within, the ones that have led me closer to being the best leader I can be.

Seema Thakker

Author and Director of Brand and Strategy, Tandem

Thank you for role-modeling allyship and revolutionary care throughout our time together and for how you empowered BIPOC at our retreat.”

Retreat Participant

“Diane sets herself apart from all others in two critical ways: First, she has an ability to connect with people at a very personal level: to get them to open up and explore their opinions and feelings in new ways. Di quickly creates comfort and trust, and then almost effortlessly leads individuals and groups into and through challenging territory. Second, she has an exceptional ability to find the right words to capture complex ideas — and she does it entirely without ego. She does not put fancy words in your mouth—she helps you figure out precisely what you need to say and how you need to say it.”

Sue Levin

Former CMO + GM, Bolt Threads

“When something exciting happens, Diane is who I want to call. When I’m confused or discouraged, my fingers type out her name in a new email. Because no matter how I’m doing or what I feel, I know that Diane will embrace my moments with authentic enthusiasm and empathy. She appreciates the truth of the human experience - that we hold power and fragility in equal measure. And just when you think there are no more questions to ask yourself and you feel utterly stumped, Diane asks the most beautiful, seemingly-simple, completely breathtaking question. And BAM! You’re free.”

Catherine Schreiber


“Thank you for your strength, patience and for the space you held for us while we went through difficult conversations at our retreat. Thank you for inviting us, over and over, to keep showing up. It was hard but worth it.”

Retreat Participant

“I came to work with Diane seeking a bigger context for my life. I was looking for direction that could only come from my inner voice – too often drowned out by daily distractions and suffocating judgements. I needed a seasoned partner who could hear me into speech; see what I couldn’t yet see in myself; love me into being. Diane and I are making conscious what my soul wants to say, and it’s from there that I will make choices that enlarge my life. Partnering with her has changed what I want in all my relationships.”

Kate Hoepke

Community Builder and Nonprofit Leader

“Di’s wise and warm demeanor makes her a natural mentor. I’m so impressed with the growth I’ve experienced in such a short amount of time. Your personal and professional growth is in the best hands with Courage Corps.”


Creative Strategist
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